The Inner Matrix

WHAT IS THE INNER MATRIX? The Inner Matrix is what lives inside our mind, emotions,
body and spirit that creates the matrix of our inner experience.

Join our member, Kathy McCrary for a 6 week “virtual” group from the comfort of your home. Let’s explore the book “The Inner Matrix written by Joey Klein.

In a supportive group environment. Learn tools and techniques to help train the mind and the
emotions to align with the vision you hold for yourself; your career and how you want to impact
those around you.
This group is FREE – you will need to obtain the book “The Inner Matrix” which you can get on
Each week we will read chapters indicated and listen to the short video lesson. Between
gatherings, you will listen to the 20-minute guided meditation daily.
WHAT: Inner Matrix Group
When: 6 Consecutive weeks starting Thursday February 11 th
Time: 5:30 – 6:45
This is an ONLINE event so anyone from anywhere can attend – so if you think you might be
interested in
 Learning how to meditate
 Learning tools to focus and calm the mind
 Learning to develop emotional intelligence
 Creating a vision for your most perfect life
Contact me and I’d love to get you signed up for my next group:
Kathy McCrary
Gentle Emergence

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