Business Resources for COVID-19

At this time, all the area chambers of commerce are keeping up with ways to help business owners with their financial needs. Below is a collection of the information that they are providing. If you desire more direct access to them, please do visit their websites and contact them as needed. They are willing to help members and non-members, alike. We are all in this together and what happens in your business, affects our community and the other businesses.

United States CARES Act
There are three parts to the CARES Act. They are all separate, but they do interact together as they are all administered by the United States Small Business Administration (SBA).

EIDL (Economic Injury Disaster Loan) 

This program has been expanded to allow ALL small businesses access to federally guaranteed loans for this pandemic situation. The online application has been STREAMLINED and is the fastest and best way to access these loans.

Emergency EIDL Advance of $10,000 –

This loan advance acts like a grant because it is 100% forgivable and does not have to be paid back. While you must apply for an EIDL (Economic Injury Disaster Loan) to access these funds, you do NOT have to pay it back if your loan application is declined, and you do NOT have to move forward with a loan beyond the advance if your loan application is accepted.

PPPL (Paycheck Protection Program Loan) –

This is another federally guaranteed loan (SBA 7(a) Lending Program). It is capped at 2.5x your average monthly payroll and intended to pay for payroll and other operating expenses for 8 weeks.

Action Steps
For a guide with step by step instructions, as well as additional information and resources, click here (pdf)

TODAY: Submit your online EIDL application to get access to the Emergency EIDL Advance. The process takes UNDER 30 minutes. Visit to get started.

FRIDAY: Beginning April 3, 2020, submit your application for the Paycheck Protection Program Loan at your personal/business bank Contact your bank directly to move forward. Download Application

STEP 1: Apply for a $10,000 advance on an EIDL that will be forgiven. CLICK HERE to apply. 
This is a short application and takes 15-20 minutes. You do not need to take out additional funds, but the option is there. 
FROM The SBA: “As a result of the CARES Act signed into law by the President on March 27th, eligible small businesses in all U.S. states, Washington D.C., and territories are eligible to apply for an Economic Injury Disaster Loan Advance Loans of up to $10,000.  This advance is in addition to the traditional Economic Injury Disaster Loan and requires you to complete a short application available on our website.

• If we approve your EIDL loan request, any Advance funds you received will be deducted from the loan amount and considered a duplication of benefits, and therefore not have to be repaid.
• If we are unable to approve your EIDL application, any Advance loan funds you receive will not have to be repaid

Need more info on the EIDL?
Call the Office of Disaster Assistance Customer Service line at 1-800-659-2955 or email them at
CLICK HERE for a powerpoint presentation on the EIDL.

STEP 2: Apply for the PPP FORGIVABLE loanCLICK HERE for the application.
CLICK HERE for the PPP Fact Sheet.

“The loan amounts will be forgiven as long as: The loan proceeds are used to cover payroll costs, and most mortgage interest, rent, and utility costs over the 8 week period after the loan is made; and Employee and compensation levels are maintained.” 

Where can you apply for the PPP, especially if you are a business located in the mountains? 
Optive Commercial Capital
Citywide Banks
FirstBank of Aspen Park 
US Bank
Evergreen National Bank – existing customers only at this time
As we find more lenders and banks set up to process the PPP loans we will add that here. 
Or, to search by zip code CLICK HERE.

Facebook Groups in the Mountain Area

This is a list of Facebook Groups where you can connect to tell about your business and watch to see if anyone is looking for a recommendation. It is highly suggested that you read all the terms and conditions of each group to make sure you know their rules about when, where and how you can advertise on their page. Each page is operated separately.

Conifer Bailey & Pine Community

Conifer Bailey & Pine Colorado Community

Conifer Colorado Neighbors & Friends

Evergreen Neighbors & Friends

Evergreen Neighbors and Friends

Evergreen Bailey Conifer All In One

Evergreen Community Chat

Mountain Skills & Trade

Conifer Bailey Pine & Shawnee

Evergreen Conifer Networking Women

Bailey & Pine Colorado Neighbors & Friends

Conifer Chat

285 Corridor

285 Biz & Artists

Evergreen Expert

Mountain Events

Conifer Kids

Mountain Postshare

Mountain Corridor Community Events

Evergreen Mountain Mamas

Networking Details

So how do you get involved with Mountain Women in Business?

We meet three times each month. The first Thursday is in the morning and the third Tuesday is in the morning and the evening. Come to the meeting(s) that suit you best. It is not required for you to attend each one, but we encourage you to come to at least one meeting per month so everyone can get to know you better and be able to refer you to other people.

Morning meetings at Conifer Community Church begin at 8:00am and end at 9:00am. And evening meetings at Blue Mountain Kitchens are from 6:00pm until 7:00pm. It’s a very good idea to come a little bit early and be ready to start promptly.

Each meeting is an opportunity to practice your introduction (frequently referred to as an Elevator Speech) and hand out business cards or literature. Members can sign up for an opportunity to make a longer presentation. Occasionally  a guest speaker or a special topic is presented instead of a member presentation.

Recently we have been arranging Social Events. This is a casual time, so we can get to know each other on a more personal basis. If you have any suggestions and/or would like to coordinate a social event, please contact one of the board members directly.

Mountain Women in Business is a non-profit entity and does have nominal annual dues. The cost is $48 per year, with an initial start up fee of $40.

We encourage guests to join us a couple of times to see if this is a great networking environment for them.

Networking Improves Business

Have you been looking for a place to make connections for your business and make friends? Mountain Women in Business may just be the place for you!

The most important person in your business is YOU. Only you can present your business in the way it should be presented. No matter who works for you, it is your face and your personality that will be looked at. But getting the right information to people who could buy from you or who could refer others to you can be overwhelming. It’s important to get out in public and let prospects know all about your business. That’s where networking comes in.

Networking is simply an opportunity to tell your story to other people. And networking comes in many different formats. It can be at a chamber of commerce event, at a business association meeting, at an official networking group meeting, even in the checkout line at your local grocery store. Anywhere where you can meet people face-to-face, tell your story, and learn the other person’s story is a good place to network.

Specific groups exist to help you make these connections and to practice your talking points. Some are quite pricey and have very strict guidelines for membership. Others can be more casual. Where you are attracted really depends on your personality. Frequently you will find large nationwide groups that have the criteria where only one business of a specific type is allowed in the group. This may be a prefect place for you to feel comfortable and able to display your expertise. Typically these have the title of “Leads Group”. There are also groups that allow multiple businesses of each type. In these groups you can really hone in on your specialty and focus on what makes you different from your group competition. It’s all a matter of preference.

No matter what you choose, you need to get out and let people know you exist. And there is no single perfect method to get your message across. Each establishment is different. But continuous learning and practicing can help you make a success of your passion.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton