An Artist with a Heart of Gold – Art with HeART!

Rachel Baer Henderson is an artist and face painter whose primary goal is to share joy and happiness with everyone she meets, and I mean EVERYONE. Many of her clients become close friends, which she welcomes with open arms.

Rachel offers art experiences for all – no exceptions – since art has no boundaries and is fully inclusive. Rachel realizes that we all deserve the same treatment no matter how we look or act or what we believe.

Art or Not?

Rachel’s first mural began with her using crayons on her mom’s kitchen wall at home, and she never looked back. But, after taking art classes in high school and college, she completely switched direction and delved into forensic science.

After ten years in the investigation field, a friend needed some stenciling in her kitchen. So, Rachel fell right back into art as if she’d never left. She’s painted interior murals for the Colorado Parade of Homes and numerous residential commissions, but her favorites are children’s rooms.

The economy affected Rachel’s mural painting in the early 2000s, so she moved into face painting. Then, she discovered the ‘paint and sip’ field and knew she had to add this new string to her bow. She soon realized that clients enjoyed inviting friends into their own homes for these painting experiences, and that’s where Rachel shines.

A Lady of Many Talents

Painting is just one of Rachel’s many talents. She also adores animals and runs a pet-sitting service along the Highway 285 corridor. Rachel calls herself a ‘serial part-timer.’ Not having to rely on one single role, Rachel shares her time between several smaller jobs to indulge her passion for many interests. No two days are ever the same! She’s also been Co-President and Colorado proud member of Mountain Women in Business since 2018.

Now, here’s where Rachel and I align. When you lose track of time because you’re completely engrossed in something, you know you’re in your happy place. We both agree that…

“You know you were born to do this when you finally realize you haven’t eaten all day!”

Do you ever get that feeling? I hope you do! That’s when work doesn’t feel like work.

Rachel loves the freedom and flexibility that running her own business brings. Being free to work the hours she wants and schedule her days her way also allows her time to relax and enjoy time with friends and family.

Much More Than a Face Painting Artist

Rachel believes that art should be for everyone. Nobody should ever feel they can’t paint or produce art in some way. Everyone is different. We don’t all have the same gifts or skills, and that’s okay. As long as you’re being creative in your way, then you can make art.

That’s what’s so great about the paint and sip events. We all start by looking at the same image. Still, everyone has a different version in the end because we each add a little of our personality into the picture. We all see the same image but in different ways. That’s why an art style may appeal to one person, but someone else doesn’t like it. Long live variety!

Rachel is open to introducing art to anyone. Whether you’d like her to face paint at an event or adorn your wall (inside or outside) with something meaningful to only you, she’s up for the assignment. She’s painted for businesses, residential, kids, and special events. Rachel is versatile with her projects and has worked on shadow boxes, toy chests, and in-home canvas parties. She’s happy to share photos of her previous work if you’d like samples.

What makes Rachel happiest?

  • Seeing kids grin excitedly at their first look in the mirror after their face is painted!
  • Seeing people happy, proud, and accomplished after painting their own picture when they never thought they could.
  • Knowing that she’s helped someone heighten their self-esteem and achieve something.
  • Making other people feel good.

Painting with HeART and Soul

Rachel puts so much love into her work, and it’s obvious when you see her client’s excited smiles. She’s constantly improving her skills and happily learns from others.

Creativity and adaptability are the names of the game. Rachel is happy to research, customize, and adapt designs to suit specific needs. Still, she’s also willing to let creative juices flow and see where the brushes and colors lead her.

She’s had some unique requests over the years, done body painting for special events, and even painted on pregnant bellies! Rachel can design on-the-fly if you need something small on the spot, or she can plan and paint a whole wall based on your chosen inspiration.

Personalized service and communication are essential to Rachel, as is value for money and being a good match for services. Rachel discounts painting events for schools, charities, active military and veterans, and non-profits. She’s also willing to make referrals if necessary.

See below the many ways you can contact Rachel for your face painting artist needs.

Business Name: Rachel’s Creations


Facebook: RachelsCreation

Twitter: @rachel_creation

Instagram: @Rachelmtnchick67

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