Deb Evans

Co-President of MWinB and Connector Extraordinaire!

If you haven’t met Deb Evans yet, you need to! She’ll be one of the first in the room to introduce herself and make you feel right at home.

Deb is a connector to the core. Her passion is in connecting business owners with those who can help them grow their businesses. Deb has an incredible network of contacts nationwide on whom she can call for presentations, advice, and further connections.

Despite having been retired for some time now, Deb has no trouble reaching out, welcoming new business owners to the community, and putting two and two together. She’s kind of like a business matchmaker!

From Franchise Executive to Consultant

Franchising is where Deb spent 24 years. She says, “As a Certified Franchise Executive I helped franchise brands grow and expand.” Deb regularly spoke at conferences in front of 3,000+ audiences. Deb mentored new franchisees, helping them forge strong connections. One Franchise Brand President said she was like a “good mom” to new franchisees. Deb proudly continues these relationships, can call on her contacts any time, and they’re more than happy to help her out.

Deb then became a consultant, building her own business on her extensive franchise experience combined with social media. Deb adopted social media when it began and quickly became the go-to person to help business owners fearful of something so new. She trained executive teams in marketing through social media, giving them the confidence and results to grow their own brands.

Born to Connect!

Connecting was Deb’s ideal business, since she has a built-in love for people, asking questions, and listening. It was the most obvious choice since she both enjoyed and was so good at it. The icing on the cake was to be paid for something she both did well and thoroughly enjoyed.

Now that Deb is retired, she spends her time working with Mountain Women in Business (MWinB), still doing work she loves. This time, it’s for the love of people, and spending time with inspiring women business owners. When she is not focusing on MWinB she is hiking, snowshoeing, and baking.

Growing Mountain Women in Business

When Deb joined MWinB there were only 24 members. Membership has quickly grown to over 100 after Deb joined and became Co-President. She’s a networking powerhouse, bringing businesswomen in the surrounding mountain area together for support, business building, and more. MWinB has grown into a large family and has become a way for women business owners to help bring the community together.

Did you know MWinB has a motto?

“Networking is not just about connecting with people. It is about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities.”

This perfectly fits Deb’s experience!

So, what’s the personal touch from Deb that helps welcome new members? She reaches out and arranges a one-on-one meet and greet. This is the perfect way to bring someone into our business flock.

If you’re interested in joining MWinB and you’d like to chat first, please feel free to email Deb at the address below. We look forward to meeting you!

Email:[email protected]
Phone: 1-832-334-6664

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