Meet Stephanie Berardini

Paralegal and Bookkeeper Stephanie Berardini Packs a Powerful One-Two Punch…in the Nicest of Ways!

Stephanie’s paralegal and bookkeeper skill set is not a mix that immediately springs to mind as a typical business combo. Still, she’s seen, and is filling, a need for two markets in one. Let me tell you a little more about her unique business services.

Stephanie wasn’t attracted to law school, so she chose to work for a paralegal qualification instead, which would still offer her the chance to enter the arena she loved. She loves nothing better than digging into cases, researching, and working with attorneys and clients. (I bet it feels like being in the tv show “Bull.”)

Stephanie has versatility down to fine art. Not only can she help you with your Secretary of State requirements, but flip the switch, and she’s helping you with tracking your spending and billing.

Did you catch that?

Yes, that’s right – you don’t have to use both services to have Stephanie work with you. She can help with your bookkeeping for any business, for example:

  • Dog sitting
  • Hairdressing
  • Real estate
  • Auto repair, and more…

Stephanie can help you keep your accounts organized. How great would it feel not to have your tax preparer tearing their hair out when you hand over a King Soopers bag filled with receipts? Problem solved with minimal stress on all parts!

Systems? Bookkeeping? Paralegal? Oh, my!

Whichever system you use, it’s under control – your organized and friendly assistant is right here. Stephanie is happy to help! She’s used to learning and integrating systems and programs. Not to mention she has plenty of experience in both markets.

You can rest assured that Stephanie is more than qualified to help you with your small business accounts. She’s had over 25 years of experience as a paralegal and has been a bookkeeper in the mountain area for at least five years. If attorneys have trusted her with delicate matters, you can too.

Variety is the spice of life!

Stephanie is living proof. When her husband retired, she chose to build her own business doing what she loves – helping local people make their lives easier. Stephanie says, “Every bookkeeping job is different, and every attorney I work with practices a different area of law.”

Every day is unique too, since each sector of her business presents entirely different challenges. From bankruptcy law to real estate, domestic matters to estate planning, or POS (point of sale) to online payments, your peace of mind is within reach.

Stephanie loves the fact that owning her own business gives her these choices, among others:

  • How much work to take on?
  • Which type of work?
  • Which clients?

Speaking of ‘which clients’…

Stephanie works with sole proprietors in the legal field and business owners who work with QuickBooks Online. If that’s you, send her an email! She’d love to hear from you.

If you’ve ever felt neglected by other bookkeepers or paralegals, that’s about to change. If Stephanie’s in court with another client, she’ll happily contact you on evenings or weekends to offer her undivided attention.

Don’t see your particular system listed? You can still contact Stephanie if you need her services. She’s confident learning new techniques, programs, and procedures specifically to help you.

Stephanie also serves as Mountain Women in Business Secretary and Treasurer

Contact Stephanie now for more information on her paralegal and bookkeeping services.

Business Name: Berardini Paralegal & Business Services

 Email: [email protected]


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